nnao-micro coatings


ioos has developed a coating technology that not only addresses problems of conventional coating processes, but provides also unique features that assist in the development of new-generation products. More on nano-micro coating services and solutions.
nano-micro coating service and solutionsRoundtable: Coating Development focuses on Drug-Eluting, Antimicrobial Products.

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spray analysis for process diagnostics


ioos is a pioneer in designing spray diagnostic systems used as Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tool in critical production environments, such as medical implant coating processes. Our patented spray diagnostic (Spray Error Patternation SEP) instrumentation is based on a novel quality control method that facilitates the automated evaluation of data relating to spray surface area, density distribution, and/or mass distribution.
Applications include medical device coating, spray drying, mass spectrometry, nasal and pulmonary spray delivery of pharmaceuticals (Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products), heat transfer, and combustion. More on Spray Analysis and Patternation.
spray analysis using Spray Error Patternation "A new quality methodology and metrics for spray analysis" in publication in the international scientific journal Atomization and Sprays.

biomaterial covered stent


ioos’ novel Cross Fiber Spinning (CFS) technology addresses the drawbacks of conventional non-woven fibrous material engineering methods. ioos' biomaterials are composed of nano-scale to micron-scale diameter fibers.
The CFS materials are engineered using bioabsorbable polymers, such as PCL (polycaprolactone), PLA (polylactic acid), and PGA (polyglycolic acid). They may be used, e.g., in the design of medical devices such as stent grafts, grafts, and filters. More on Bio- and Nanomaterials.
biodegradable biomaterials with nano featuresEvents:
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